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When you are brainstorming how to increase the value of your home, most homeowners forget how advantageous painting the exterior of your home is. Compared to other home renovations, painting the exterior is more cost-effective and will leave your home with key logistic benefits. At Paintegrity, we are here to help create your dream home. Give your wallets and yourself a break from the work. It costs more to hire a marriage counselor after a family painting project than hiring our skillful team at Paintegrity.

Increased Home Value

Unlike other home renovations, painting the exterior of your home offers a greater return. In a recent study, it was concluded that an appraiser sees more value in a fresh coat of paint- offering a 130% return. Compared to other renovations-such as refinishing a bathroom or living space, which only offers a 75% return. This means a homeowner is actually losing money when refinishing other areas of the home compared to having the exterior of their home painted.

Increased Longevity of Siding

 A fresh coat of paint offers an increased lifespan to your siding-no matter the type of siding. Overtime, siding needs replacing/repairing to keep your home in-tact, however, adding a fresh coat of exterior paint can add a couple of years to the siding-saving you money. In addition, a new coat of paint will cover-up any marks the siding has obtained over the years, giving your home an up-to-date look.


Updated Look

After the years of living in your home, you may want to change up the aesthetics. A new coat of paint can offer a livelier look when you pull into the driveway. Even if you love the color of the exterior of your home, changing it will put your house into a different light.

Curb Appeal

 Want an enhanced curb appeal? Stand out in your neighborhood by receiving a fresh coat of paint. Homeowners often focus on the exterior of their home during the warm season, by planting new flowers and maintaining lawn care. However, you can have your home stand-out all year long with a fresh coat of paint.

While many are looking for ways to increase the value and aesthetic of their home, most tend to forget the advantages of exterior painting. To learn more about how you can get started, connect with Paintegrity today.

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