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Repainting your home is not always needed, but can bring a fresh new look and breath of life to your living space. On the other hand, some paint jobs wear down and may not protect your walls like they used to. Experts say that every 7-10 years your house is due for a new paint. But, this varies due to differing factors such as weather in the area and the paint that is currently used for your home.

If your home is suffering from paint that is flaking or bubbling, this is a sign that your walls are not weatherproofed and need a fresh coat. The paint on the exterior of your home has the important job of protecting the walls inside, so priming and preparing is important. If you live in an area with harsh winters or high humidity, you will want to check your home’s exterior every few years.

Paint colors also change over time, especially if the sun hits your home consistently. Sun  bleaching or fading paint can occur due to the strong UV rays, and can give you a color that you didn’t have in the first place. If fading is occurring on a side of the house that only sees the shade, you may have an issue with the vapor barrier. This would be a clear sign that your house is due for a new coat of paint.

Old paint on your house may still be protecting your walls, but sometimes a new coat of color gives your home a whole new look. Old paint can cause your home to look dated and worn down, and in the case you plan to sell your house, a new paint job may be what you need to sell it. New paint can help your home’s value increase and catch the attention of potential buyers.

When you see your paint wearing down or looking dull, don’t hesitate to give us a call! With our free consultation, we can help you pinpoint why your walls may not be looking their best and plan for your paint project. Our experts know how to prime and paint to keep your walls lasting as long as possible and protecting your home. If your home has gone 7-10 years without a new coat of paint, we are here to get the job done!

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