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Choosing the colors for the interior or exterior area of your home can be an exciting task. Getting to pair your walls with your furniture for the interior allows you space to experiment with new pieces and textures in the room. Choosing your exterior paint may be based on what material your home is made of or what style you want your home to convey to people standing from the outside. The process is very different when it comes to interior and exterior painting and because of that, there are many different factors that are involved when choosing the best color for your home.

Believe it or not, the exact same shade of paint can look different on the inside of a home compared to the outside. This is because of one big key factor – lighting. Lighting will always come into play when choosing a color for your home, either inside or outside. Outside, you’ll have to think about sunlight; will the sun be directly hitting your home? Do trees shade the front of your home? If sunlight does not directly hit it, you may want to consider doing a shade lighter than you had originally thought. Indoors also may be directly affected by sunlight if you have large windows.

When choosing a color for exterior paint, you also may want to consider how the color will look with your roof. Unless you are redoing your roof or building your house from the ground up, you want to choose a shade that will best complement your roof. The roof tends to be a darker shade and has texture. Giving your exterior a light color can help make your house pop to those viewing it from the outside.

Interior paint tends to focus on the mood and style you desire. Bright, white colors give the essence of fresh open space, while darker colors can make rooms feel more cozy and comfortable. Compared to the exterior of the house, interior paint gives you more room to experiment with in terms of varying shades if you have multiple rooms to work with. Paintegrity experts are here to help you achieve your dream design, both inside and out!

We are able to explain the varying shades of paint colors when they hit sunlight and help pick out the best color for your home. We understand that trying to pick a color out of thousands of different shades can be a daunting task, so we are here to give you our expert advice. Paintegrity staff also prep your interior and exterior spaces by helping you clean the surfaces that will be painted as well as move any furniture that may be in the way. Let us help you create your dream home, inside and out!

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