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So you want to redo your bathroom… Where do you get started? The first step in redesigning your bathroom space is painting the walls. Bathroom walls will be faced with a lot of moisture, so it is important to take into account the type of paint you are using, you don’t want mold in your paint! Priming and prepping your space is also crucial because of the water that will come into contact with the walls.

When it comes to painting your bathroom, you will want to spend a little bit more on higher quality paint so it is more durable. We recommend using Glidden Interior Premium paint from our blog that discusses the best rated paint brands of 2021. It is known to not fade and dry fast, so moisture doesn’t negatively affect it. Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath and Spa Matte Finish is also a great option, as it kills existing mold on the surface and prevents it from growing. Priming with moisture-resistant priming before applying your paint choice will ensure protection against any steam getting into tight spaces and causing paint to peel.

In terms of color, neutral tones are usually the best route to take for a bathroom setting. Whites, grays, creams and pastels are the popular choices because they are easy on the eyes and your reflection. Color options are endless, and our experts at Paintegrity are here to help you. We know the best brands and shades for your unique project, and we can provide you with a consultation!

Bathroom painting is no easy task, and we recommend letting us take it off your shoulders. Due to the damp environment in bathrooms, priming and applying the paint correctly are crucial. Our team is very experienced in priming and painting all spaces, and we are ready to take on yours!

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