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Interior wood trim conversions are commonly done when someone is looking to revamp a room, and perhaps give it a more updated look. Conversions can be done by painting over dated wood for a fresh appeal.

Some people like to paint wood trims white, to match the color of the wall or furniture and style of the room, while others like to like to make their wood trim darker and make it pop out as a statement in the room. This process is about finding out what you want and how you would like your trim to play into the design of the room.

Wood trim is usually common in older homes, and the natural look can give a rustic charm to a room. If someone is looking to give their house a more updated look, painting it white can help liven it up. It is important to see what style fits your house best. For example, an older house that was built over 100 years ago might have a better look with darker paint that matches the wood. Wood trim can also have ornate designs within it, so it is also important to figure out how you want to make the details pop.

Having the power to choose your own wood trim color is exciting. You can make the color match your furniture, or have it light to make the furniture pop. Lighting also comes into play, do you want your room to appear more cozy or wide when the natural light hits it? It is amazing how much power painting your wood trim holds! If you have a hard time choosing your color, we can provide our advice and guidance to see what may best help your room.

Wood trim conversion is not such an easy task. That’s what we’re here for! We help you from start to finish, from picking out the colors for your trim to moving and protecting your belongings. We are ready to help transform your space! Now more than ever is a great time to get your wood trim looking fresh and updated to help give your rooms a new look for the upcoming 2021 year. Give us a call today to find out more about pricing and how we can help transform your space.

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