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Vinyl siding is a very popular choice for the exterior of homes. But just like any material, it can get worn down over time and appear aged or even outdated. In the past, vinyl had to be replaced, but now it can easily be painted and still provide the same protection and appearance as if it were new while still being a less expensive option.

You may want to paint your vinyl siding for a more updated look which involves choosing the right color. Paintegrity experts are happy to assist by showing you current trends and popular choices for coloring. It is usually recommended to use a color that is fairly similar to the one you already have so the other does not show through. Even if you choose the same color to paint over, it will still look fresh and new!

Choosing the right quality paint is also important as this layer is protecting the exterior of your home. Latex urethane paint is what is meant for exterior painting because it lasts, and also works with the “movement” of the vinyl. To ensure your paint goes on smoothly, it is crucial that the vinyl surface is cleaned. Pressure washers work well for this task.

Lastly, applying primer may be needed for this project. If your vinyl is uneven and splitting off paint, a coat of primer should be applied to have everything look even. Vinyl painting can be a scary task, because once it is on, it does not come off. We recommend using our staff at Paintegrity to help you tackle this project. We know how to help you choose your color, as well as correctly prime and paint your vinyl surface so it looks flawless. Call us today for any questions and an estimate on your vinyl painting!

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