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The warm and refreshing spring weather is rapidly approaching which means after a long and harsh winter, we can finally start enjoying the outdoor elements of our homes. Decks are great for relaxing in the warm sun or hosting guests for an outdoor party. This means that your deck must be maintained so it functions well and looks nice.

Staining or painting your deck gives it an extra layer of protection against outdoor elements such as moisture and extreme heat from the sun. Constant walking and moving furniture on the deck also can be damaging without an extra layer of protection. To ensure that your stain or paint can fight against damage, you need to allow time and effort for the process.

The first step is to clean your deck. Dirt builds up onto the material and absorbs into it, which means the cleaning process needs to be thorough. Tools like power washers or intense scrubs can help. Repairing any broken or splintered panels and sanding the surface come afterwards. These steps must be done to leave you with a starting point that allows for a quality stain or paint job.

Staining or painting is not a task to leave to yourself, especially if you have never done it before. The quality of the project is guaranteed to be high if a professional team, like Paintegrity, does it. The time for staining or painting a deck due to the multiple steps and attention to detail can be lengthy.

Our Paintegrity staff has the expertise for any size deck stain or paint job. We know what types of stain and paint to use to ensure protection and help you figure out what’s best for your lifestyle. We also assist in picking out the color for your deck to make your outdoor space look amazing. Give us a call to talk about transforming your deck today!

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