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Sometimes when you’re on a budget for a new home project, cutting costs by buying lower quality paint seems like a good idea. I mean after all, a lot of products that cost less end up being the same quality! Unfortunately, that is usually never the case with paint. Quality paint has a higher cost for a reason, because it is made with durable, lasting ingredients that provide for the best look and finish.

The first downside of using cheaper paint is less coverage. Nobody wants to spend more time painting on a surface, waiting for that to dry, then repainting multiple times afterwards to get the coverage they want. Quality paint allows for less brush strokes and applies evenly and smoothly due to the density. The coverage is almost immediate and doesn’t require coming back multiple times to repaint over a surface.

This also means that quality paint is more durable and will last a lot longer than one half the price. If something were to scratch your wall that is painted, a low quality paint would likely rub off and leave a mark. Higher quality paint is stronger and works to prevent marks and scratches when it is hit. Since it lasts longer, this means, again, you will spend less time having to go back and repaint your surface.

Lastly, paints that are priced slightly higher tend to have better color pigmentation. This goes a long way, especially when painting the exterior or interior walls of your house. You don’t want to end up with a different color on your wall than the one you imagined. Higher quality paints have better pigment ingredients that show off the best color possible.

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