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Most of the time, it doesn’t take a full redesign to give new life to a room. If your cabinets are an old shade of wood, faded color, or just plain boring, you might be thinking you want to rip them out, buy new ones, and cost yourself a small fortune to do so. Save yourself the time and money by looking towards the hidden power of paint! Painting your cabinets gives a breath of fresh life into any area, whether it be the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever else you have built-in cabinetry .

Painting your cabinets gives you the opportunity to transform your space. Cabinets in most cases are a large part of the room and stand out, so they play a key role in defining the mood, setting, and theme of the entire home. For example, if your kitchen feels outdated with all the wood cabinets, painting them a light color or white makes the space more lively and enjoyable to be in. This also gives it a more modern and sophisticated look.

Saving Money

Painting your cabinets is an easy and inexpensive way to update your space. Ripping out your cabinets and installing new ones is no easy task, and is not easy on the wallet either. Painting your cabinets requires detail, time, and consideration, but is a much more economical choice. Unless your cabinets are falling apart, giving a fresh new coat of paint to them gives the same effect as redoing them.

Increased Home Value

If you are considering selling your house, painting your cabinets will automatically give a more updated look. This can result in the value of your home increasing from a simple paint job. Having your cabinets appear fresher and better color-coordinated with the room also draws people in and may result in a better sale.

Color Choices

When using paint, you have unlimited color choices that are able to convey your dream design. Bright colors can add a new pop of color to a space while dark colors can add a modern flare. If you feel your cabinets don’t match the rest of your room, this is your chance to change that! Getting different paint samples can help you narrow down what you really want.

Paintegrity is able to help you with all of your cabinet repainting needs! We are experts in detail and do not leave room for mistakes. We help make this process easy on you by removing your cabinet doors, sanding them, and getting them custom finished within three days or less. Let us help you create your dream room!

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