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Choosing a color for your new home project is an important step in the painting and redesigning process. The furniture in the room as well as the atmosphere you are trying to create must be taken into consideration when choosing a color. Each new year brings new color trends for interior design. Sherwin-Williams, one of the top paint companies reveals their trending colors every month. This April of 2021, the color of the month is carnelian.

Carnelian is a brown with slight tones of magenta that are sure to make any room stand out. This color is very versatile, which means it can be used in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, or wherever you want! It pairs well with light tan or pink shades, and also very pale green shades.

Carnelian is described as timeless, and that is exactly the type of feel it creates. It can be used in modern styling or a more old fashioned design, but still will bring a fresh feel to the room. It is warm and inviting, and makes your guests feel right at home.

Consider using carnelian for your new home project! If you are thinking about repainting your interior or exterior, Paintegrity can help. No matter what color you choose, we can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, and ensure it is perfect. Our experts also know a thing or two about trending colors, so if you are looking for a carnelian or different trending color, we can guide you through the color-choosing process!

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