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2021 is rapidly approaching, which presents an opportunity for a fresh “redo” in our lives in the new year. Each new year brings new trends in color and design of homes. Especially after this chaotic year, you may find a breath of fresh air in a new paint color!

You have most likely been caught up inside during this past year due to the pandemic, and may have had some ideas about redesigning and painting the interior of your home. Paint companies like Pantone, Behr, PPG Paints, and Sherwin Williams have made their predictions for the upcoming trends in paint colors for 2021. Blues and greens that resemble nature, like the ocean and forest colors are expected to be top colors for next year. Colors like these are relaxing and calming, and set the stage for furniture that can add definition to your room. These colors also give you some wiggle room on your furniture, since they are compatible with many different colors.

Other paint companies make different predictions, such as yellow taking the lead in color trends for 2021. Yellow has the potential to brighten up a room, and give it a sunny and uplifting feel. After 2020, we could all use a bright room to lift our spirits. Contrary to the calm nature colors, yellow walls pair well with neutral furniture.

2020 trends tended to stay in the neutral space, with warm creams and grey stone colors taking the lead for many walls. Colors like these may carry onto next year as well, as it gives a lot of room to work with furniture and different textures and patterns. If you currently have colors like these, you may find a nice surprise in using a color like blue, green or yellow on your walls to change up your space into something more lively rather than relaxing. 

Large paint companies have different ideas for upcoming 2021 color trends, but if you are thinking of repainting your interior, the decision for color is ultimately up to you! At Paintegrity, we can help you pick out colors that best suit what you want in your design. We get it can be difficult to pinpoint your exact vision for your home, so we are here to make the process easier for you. We help walk you through what colors will look like on your walls and how that can play into your decisions about furniture and design. We love to stay atop current trends, and can help you find a fresh 2021 color that can transform your house. Give us a call today to see how we can assist you in making your home ready for the new year!

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